Porta-CAFS® is a portable compressed air foam system that utilizes patented technology brought to you by Firematic Supply Company. This incredible Foam Blower has the following advantages:

  • The foam blower combines a unique nozzle and blower to produce outstanding fire fighting foam.
  • Porta-CAFS foam can be applied to a home in the face of a wildfire to provide a blanket of protection.
  • Porta-CAFS foam is also used to extinguish fires in homes, cars, boats, marinas, aircraft, etc... 3 to 5 times faster than with water alone.
  • Provides firefighters with the first simple, easy to use CAFS (compressed air foam system).
  • Keeps fire fighters at a safe distance with 90’ reach
  • The 20:1 foam to water ratio can extend a limited water supply.
  • Fights fire more effectively with foam by reducing the surface tension of water, providing longer drain times, allowing deeper penetration
  • Uses 90% of the fire-fighting stream instead of just 10% of the stream with water alone.
  • Cools and reduces the air around the fire with foam, diminishing oxygen supply to the fire.
  • Suppresses dangerous vapors with foam
  • Captures sparks and suspended embers with foam.
  • Uses less overall manpower for overhaul due to pre-soaking which naturally occurs during initial attack with foam.
  • Improves response time by utilizing tank water instead of needing to set up at the hydrant and run supply lines.
  • Maintains the integrity of the fire scene using environmentally safe foam instead of highly destructive water.
  • Reduces scene run-off of potential carcinogens and debris.
  • Reduces cost burden of CAFS to fire departments to $6 per CFM (cubic feet per minute) of foam produced from traditional systems costing up to $200 per CFM of foam.

About Porta-CAFS®

Firematic Supply Company has invented an affordable compressed air foam system called Porta-CAFS. This new system upgrades your capability by increasing the effectiveness and safety of firefighters in limited water and personnel conditions. Compressed air foam has a proven track record of 3 to 5 times faster knock-down. Firematic has embraced this technology, and designed a 650 CFM CAF system that is both affordable and reliable.

Lower Cost
Porta-CAFS is a high volume, low pressure, compressed air foam system. Rather than high pressure compressors attached to truck mounted pumps with costs in the range of 200-250 U.S. dollars per CFM, Porta-CAFS has revolutionized the industry with a cost of less that $6 per CFM. The patented Porta-CAFS unit is designed for any time you need a lot of foam fast.

Do More with Less
Smaller vehicles, less manpower, and less water usually spells doom, but not with Porta-CAFS. Other fire equipment manufacturers and fire training academies have already proven that CAFS technology optimizes cooling. CAFS also allows deeper penetration into materials which would otherwise be water repellent. The knockdown capability of the Porta-CAFS is tremendous due to the CAF-to-steam conversion. Steam is known to be approximately 1700 times the volume of water. Porta-CAFS delivers such an expanded stream of CAF that the volume of air around the fire is both cooled and reduced, which in turn diminishes the oxygen content, and disrupts the fire tetrahedron.

During an initial attack, Porta-CAFS suppresses vapors, cools surfaces, and captures sparks and suspended embers. This leads to less time and manpower needed for overhaul due to the presoaking which naturally occurs during the initial attack. This is especially welcomed when dealing with large trash dumpsters. Your firefighters can reduce the risk associated with overhauling the unknown contents of a dumpster.

Wildland and Beyond
Porta-CAFS was originally designed as a wildland fire fighting tool. The environmentally friendly CAFS can be propelled further than traditional fire streams, which means your initial attack can be from greater distances, and that reduces risk to the firefighter. The success in wildland applications is due to the tremendous knockdown power and ability to easily change from wet to dry foam, which provides a longer lasting protective foam blanket.

Once it was determined that Porta-CAFS provided longer drain times, better cooling and improved vapor suppression, it was only natural for the fire service to utilize this technology in many other non-wildland fire operations. When fighting fires with straight water, only about 10% of your application actually fights the fire. With Porta-CAFS, 90% of the fire stream fights the fire due to better adhesion and penetration properties of the foam product.

Better Than Conventional CAFS
The Porta-CAFS design has eliminated the drawbacks usually associated with conventional CAFS units. Porta-CAFS does all its work at the end of the hose line, so you don’t need special high pressure fire hose. It also eliminates the problem of hose kinking, usually associated with CAFS. One of the biggest benefits is not having the reaction force of the initial discharge to deal with. Porta-CAFS does not create any additional stored air pressure in the hose line.

More Benefits
Another benefit of Porta-CAFS is the ability to attack with tank water. Rather than have to take the time to hit the hydrant and set up supply lines. The effectiveness of Porta-CAFS allows for an indirect attack on a structure through a door or windows without putting firefighters at risk. This is due to Porta-CAFS providing equal or better knockdown capabilities than water at half the standard flow rate. But remember that CAFS technology saves water by knocking down the fire faster, not by reducing flow rate.

Fire investigators worldwide are also realizing that CAFS technology has proven to safeguard evidence. It is true that the investigator must wait for the dissipation of the foam, but the end result is a less disturbed fire scene. Scene runoff of carcinogens and debris is also reduced due to less water at the scene.

Simple to Use
Using the system easy: Strap on a Porta-CAFS unit. Hook up a 1" to 1.75" hose line with a water and foam solution, and let it rip. The foam and water solution can be from any type of foam metering device, or even a pre-mixed tank. The throttle control on the blower allows for the operator to choose between dry or wet foam. Porta-CAFS comes with four replaceable gallonage inserts ranging from 20 to 80 GPM. This will give you all the power of traditional CAFS units at a fraction of the cost... and it’s portable too.


Porta-CAFS is available from Dealers worldwide, or by contacting Firematic directly at 1-888-434-7362.

Porta-CAFS® is manufactured exclusively by:
Firematic Supply Co., Inc.   •   10 Ramsay Road
East Yaphank, NY 11967   •   888-434-7362